Survival shelter

Shelter for Camping & Survival

Shelter for either camping or in emergency survival situations needs to satisfy two main components – protection and comfort. Suitable shelter is necessary to provide shade, protection from wind and rain, and to ensure warmth. Appropriate shelter allows the ability to obtain the always necessary amount of quality sleep and rest. Inadequate shelter can result …

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Emergency light

Camping & Emergency Lighting

Camping and emergency lighting are fundamentally the same topic and require similar planning and equipment, and differ slightly between camping for leisurely pursuits and preparing the home for emergency situations. However, planning and preparation are the key, and many camping expeditions can potentially turn into an emergency. What is Camping & Emergency Lighting Camping and …

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Water for Survival

Water for Survival

Water is certainly necessary for life, and without it we can perish quite quickly. Lack of drinking water is usually the first thing people think of when considering causes of death in dry, harsh landscapes like the Australian outback. From our famous early explorers to the modern outback travellers who have perished, they have predominantly …

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