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Camping & Emergency Lighting

Camping and emergency lighting are fundamentally the same topic and require similar planning and equipment, and differ slightly between camping for leisurely pursuits and preparing the home for emergency situations. However, planning and preparation are the key, and many camping expeditions can potentially turn into an emergency.

What is Camping & Emergency Lighting

Camping and emergency lighting are basically the provision of numerous and various sources of techniques and equipment that provide a source of illumination during the night that do not rely on mains electricity. Today, fortunately, advances in technology allow us a far greater range of options allowing an increased selection of redundancy choices. In other words, have back-up options readily available. Contingency planning must therefore be considered.

The options are indeed many, ranging from inexpensive candles to expensive portable power stations. Costing of the various options thus varies significantly. However, quality is paramount and should never really be compromised. Even children’s head-torches ideally need to be of decent quality and not considered a throw-away item to add to land-fill.

The degree of portability will differ between pursuits, as far more equipment and options can be catered for if four-wheel driving compered to hiking with just a back-pack. Solar powered lanterns are now extremely light weight, weighing in at just a few dozen grams. More solar powered lighting options are now widely available, though the basic battery powered torch and light are a common favourite, so make sure to pack plenty of back-up batteries to suit the appliances used.

The Difference Between Camping & Emergency Lighting

Obviously camping is a leisurely pursuit enjoyed by many of us and sometimes undertaking regularly. Whereas emergency situations are those we hope to never encounter but none the less, in these increasingly uncertain times, need to prepare for, for the safety of our selves, family, friends and work-places. The home or workplace emergency preparedness kit may want to be somewhat portable to accommodate various and changing circumstances.

Emergency Lighting

Must Have Camping & Emergency Lighting

Always when planning and packing for a camping or hiking trip make sure to include back-up lighters and matches in a water proof container or bag. Refer to our post on Camp Fire Safety for additional information. Consider water proof matches for either camping or for emergency situations.

One of the most necessary and fundamental lighting source to have readily available is the ubiquitous head torch, whether for camping or part of the emergency preparedness kit. Head torches are fantastic in their usefulness for hands free operation and are available in many different styles. Extremely light weight head torches are available for hiking where weight is an issue. Some head torches are battery powered only, whilst others can be recharged with solar powered energy devices. Head torches are great to keep in the vehicle for break downs at night.

Emergency Lighting