camp fire

Cooking with cast iron when camping

Camp Cooking With Cast Iron

One of the best camp cooking methods and camping kitchen items to use are the all time tried and tested cast iron cookware. Cast iron camping cookware are among the very favourite for new and seasoned campers alike. Many campers swear that food cooked in cast iron, especially meat, tastes exponentially more flavoursome. Cooking with …

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Survival shelter

Shelter for Camping & Survival

Shelter for either camping or in emergency survival situations needs to satisfy two main components – protection and comfort. Suitable shelter is necessary to provide shade, protection from wind and rain, and to ensure warmth. Appropriate shelter allows the ability to obtain the always necessary amount of quality sleep and rest. Inadequate shelter can result …

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Bush Fire

Camp Fire Safety

Having a fire is just one of those things people create when camping! It’s basically tradition! However these days some public camp sites do not allow visitors to construct a camp fire, and cooking can only be done using your own gas equipment and/or provided barbeque facilities. This is due to the fact that camp …

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Survival Aid

Camping Hazards

Many threats exist in the Australian bush; snakes and spiders are usually the first dangers we think of, but ticks, leaches and mosquito’s can make the outdoor experience uncomfortable to down-right deadly! However hazards can also include trees and even water, not to mention fire ranging from the humble camp-fire to the out of control …

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